Some informative notes (more will be added gradually)

  • the first payment will be made for March 2022 (during the first week of April)
  • additional payments will always be made in the first week of the following month
  • each winner will be contacted by the email they provided during registration
  • the winner may be a player who is not registered in the game, then the reward is not paid
  • the payout method will be individually agreed with each winner by email
  • in case of suspected cheating and the player does not admit, the prize will not be paid out
  • if a player wins more prizes at the same time, he gets only one, the highest
  • any unclaimed winnings will be added to the next round
  • the player must have the latest version of the game, at least version 3.x
  • don’t ask how to withdraw

Some pleas

  • don’t forget to rate the game on the store, even better with a comment ❤️
  • show the game to your friends -> more players = higher rewards 🙂

Questions, comments or suggestions for improvement: